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We live in a world of abundance. There is enough air, water, and food for every person, animal, and plant on the planet. We have the resources and ability to make our existence here a paradise, to continue to develop socially, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. It is within our power to create a true golden age on this blue oasis floating through space and attain wondrous levels of development on a personal, family, community, regional, and global level thereby creating this paradise. Yet there are forces of greed and fear at work that seek to inhibit the equitable distribution of nature’s bounty for their own self-serving personal benefit.

Here at End The Illusion Films, we are looking to help you to produce creative projects that will make the world a more peaceful, kinder and loving place. The focus of our efforts is on documentaries, stories, and other productions that will serve that purpose. Perhaps you have an idea on social, political, environmental, spiritual or other area that you would like to communicate visually to the world. We can help you make the unknown, known; we can help you shine a light where now there is darkness. Our artists can create and combine illustrations, graphics, musical soundtracks, atmospheres, special effects, and videos that will communicate your message.

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The current system of how we create and distribute money is at the very heart of most of the problems we face. This system perpetuates and amplifies the inequalities of how Earth’s abundant resources are distributed. Our very existence on this planet is being threatened as unlimited economic growth within a finite biosphere remains the current paradigm. Until we move to a totally new monetary system, there will be no effective transformation or transcendence of our societies. The models for a new monetary system are already in place, but those that are benefiting from the current system are fighting to make sure that knowledge of these systems does not spread widely, in an effort to ensure that the current system stays firmly entrenched.


Our current political system has been totally corrupted by those with vast accumulations of money. This system of legal bribery has even been ratified by the highest court in the land which opened the floodgates to even more money corroding our system. How can someone represent you when they are being paid millions to represent others? What we need now goes beyond simple reforms and enters the realm of transformational change. Many articles and videos (including those by End The Illusion) connect these dots so that more and more people are becoming aware. This awareness is the first step in the process for transformational change to take place.


The changes we are seeking will not come from the top down, but from the bottom up. The change you are seeking is within you, not others. Follow your inner voice and do the things that resonate with your soul. Once we change from competition to contribution and cooperation; self-sufficient, resilient communities that care for all of its members will blossom like wild flowers in a field. Using the tool of our own internal power, the current corporate controlled system will be rendered obsolete and irrelevant. It will simply fade away as an old anachronism thus eliminating the need to have to confront those serving its interests when they attempt to maintain their positions of power and accumulated money.

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