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Corporate Bee Killers Sponsor National Pollinator Week
By Ronnie Cummins
Posted June 15, 2014

poisoned beesConcerned about the bees and the butterflies? Interested in celebrating National Pollinator Week? It’s happening next week, June 16-22. And it’s brought to you, in part, by none other than Monsanto and Bayer.

Who supports (i.e. funds) the Pollinator Partnership? Among others, Bayer and Monsanto–the very companies that are killing pollinators with insecticides and genetically engineered crops.

It’s all part of a well-documented, well-funded (and shameless) public relations campaign by the pesticide industry to give the appearance of “caring” about the die-off of bees and butterflies, while diverting attention from the cause of those die-offs–highly profitable products made by Monsanto and Bayer. More…