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Teachers’ Retirement Funds are Piling into Manhattan Real Estate at Record High Prices
by Michael Krieger
Posted January 30, 2015

Pension funds setup as suckersRather than buying equity interests in buildings, TIAA-CREF and KTCU are seeking to invest in mortgages backed by office towers, retail properties, warehouses and apartments in major U.S. cities. The venture between the two companies, which manage teachers’ savings in their respective countries, is 51 percent owned by TIAA-CREF and 49 percent held by Seoul-based KTCU.

This is a classic case of groupthink amongst asset managers. Everyone thinks these assets are safe and untouchable, so they are all piling into the same trade. It appears clear that pension funds are being set up as the ultimate bag holders when the latest Central Bank bubble pops, and in the meantime, they are a perfect source of illegal fee gouging. A win-win for financial oligarchs. More…