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The Death of Irony, Or, University Of Penn’s Secret Meetings On Secret Laws
By Dustin Slaughter
Posted Dec 7, 2013

University of Pennsylvania secrett discussions on secret courts and secret lawsThis morning’s roundtable discussion [at U of Penn]: Spying and the Judiciary: FISA and Other Special Courts. The event is one of seven moderated discussions included in the university’s Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law (CERL) conference, On the Very Idea of Secret Laws: Transparency and Publicity in Deliberative Democracy.

After taking a seat (and catching out of the corner of my eye NSA’s deputy director John “Chris” Inglis drift into the room, among others), a wiry CERL staffer named Ilya Rudyak walks over and asks for my name. I introduce myself and offer my press badge. In other words, this morning’s moderated discussion on secret courts, secret laws, and a rampaging surveillance apparatus is strangely, well, secret. More…