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The Only Road Out Of Davos
by Raúl Ilargi Meijer
Posted January 23, 2015

1700 private jets decending on DavosThe Davos crowd are not the important people, it’s just propaganda that makes you see them in that light. There’s no glory in wealth. The important people are your neighbors, your families, and most of all your children. And the answer to their insidious schemes is really simple; its that very simplicity which may well be the reason you never saw it.

You see, a dollar spent on locally made products goes much further than one spent on products that are shipped in. About 4 times further. Because if you buy local products, you support local jobs, which in turn support the community you live in through taxes that pay for strengthening the community, and so forth. Ergo: if something produced locally costs twice as much as what’s available from 1000 miles away, you’d still be better off. Even if it’s three times more expensive, you’ll still end up richer. More…

1700 PRIVATE jets ferrying the billionaire class decended on the Davos Economic Forum. So many that it caused air traffic control problems. You just know these people have the best interests of working people and the planet in their hearts.