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Whistle-blower intimidation: U.S. freezes bank accounts and credit cards of former Air Force drone operators
by William N. Grigg
Posted December 6, 2015

drone whistle blowersFor having the courage to come forward and expose the drone program for the indiscriminate murder that it is, 4 vets are under attack from the government they once served.

The U.S. Government failed to deter them through threats of criminal prosecution, and clumsy attempts to intimidate their families. Now four former Air Force drone operators-turned-whistleblowers have had their credit cards and bank accounts frozen, according to human rights attorney Jesselyn Radack.

“My drone operators went public this week and now their credit cards and bank accounts are frozen,” Radack lamented on her Twitter feed (the spelling of her post has been conventionalized). This was done despite the fact that none of them has been charged with a criminal offense – but this is a trivial formality in the increasingly Sovietesque American National Security State. More…

This entire drone whistle blower story is a poignant example of the total failure of the main stream media to provide the public with news because it is not the narrative the government wants the masses to hear. This should also serve as a warning about the dangers of the cashless society where the government has the ability to make one “disappear” economically.