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Chris Christie’s signature law called unconstitutional in court … by Christie administration
by Laura Clawson
Posted May 17, 2015

indicators of Christie's characterNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration is in court arguing that Christie should be able to violate the public employee pension law he pushed for and signed in his first term in office. According to the law, “members of the public-pension systems shall have a contractual right to the annual required contribution amount.” That shouldn’t have been groundbreaking, but it would have been—had Christie followed it—since the previous nine governors, Democrats included, had shorted the state’s contribution to the pension fund even as workers put in their share every year.

Christie’s signature pension law required workers to pay still more toward pensions and eliminated cost of living adjustments, but the claim was that in exchange for that, the state would start making its full contribution. Instead, it didn’t take long for Christie to start shorting the pension fund. More..