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Shot in the Back at Standing Rock
by Josh Fox
Posted November 21, 2016

cheering for your teamElders kept in cages. Demonstrators shot with rubber bullets. What’s happening at Standing Rock isn’t just a protest, it’s a character test—one America is failing. At its base, this is a struggle between the people and a government corrupted by corporate power.

The moral soul of this continent is at Standing Rock, and at the moment that soul is being beaten, maced, pepper-sprayed, tear-gassed, and locked up by a militarized police force acting on behalf of foreign oil companies. As North Dakota police lock up and abuse peaceful “water protectors,” members of a growing resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline slated to transport oil under the Missouri River, it becomes clear that the fight over the tribal land of Standing Rock is not only the primary battleground for indigenous sovereignty; it is the center of the fight for clean water, to fight climate change, and to ban hydraulic fracturing. More…

Looks like all those wars abroad have now come home to roost and the government is nowusing militarized police to turn on its own people in order to “protect and serve” corporate interests.