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Tricked By Greek God Hermes
by David Korten
Posted December 4, 2015

tricked by Greek god HermesWhen I step back and look at the incredible mismatch between the economic system we have and the economic system we need, I find myself wondering whether we humans are victims of a dangerous spell induced by a mischievous Greek God. Here is the story as I imagine it.

The Greek Gods are meeting in council on Mount Olympus to discuss what to do about those silly humans down on that little planet called Earth who no longer pay proper respect and even presume to be taking Godly powers unto themselves.

Zeus, the ruler of the sky says, “I propose that I wipe them out with a bolt of lightening.” The Gods debate his idea at length.

Hermes, the god of commerce and cunning, sits quietly through most of the discussion. Then he intervenes. More…