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If you Like NAFTA, You’ll Love TPP
by Rudy Avizius
Posted August 26, 2012

TPP will hurt YOUThe details contained in this TPP agreement will result in total corporate global governance . In this new system the role of elected governments will be to serve as subservient agents for our [corporate] nterests. The institutions under governments such as the armies, police, and courts will also serve our [corporate] interests, while being financed by the taxpayers of that country. The status of the member states will be locked-in, similar to countries once they are inside the Eurozone.

In the future, once this agreement has been ratified, Internet censorship regulations will be passed that are much stronger than the previous ones we tried to pass, such as ACTA, SOPA, and PIPA. This will lock down the Internet so we can use it for our [corporate] purposes. Once this has been accomplished, the public masses will have no alternatives except for our controlled media. More…

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