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New Jersey Betrayal
Posted August 6, 2011

Christie-SweeneyOnce upon a time in the State of New Jersey, we had a situation where the public workers (of the state) such as teachers, nurses, police, and others were blatantly violating the laws of NJ by not contributing into their pension funds. In fact for 11 of the last 15 years, these irresponsible public employees paid ZERO DOLLARS into the funds. During this time the State of New Jersey has been paying its full share amount into each pension fund all along. Now the pension system is severely underfunded and it is time for those who have not been paying into the system to pay up. Why should the State/taxpayers have to make up the difference when these public employees were so irresponsible? Those who have been paying their fair share should not be made to bear the burden for the irresponsibility of those who did not.