We Are the Parasite
By James Hunter
Posted April 20, 2017

we are the parasite on mother earthThe human race has become a parasite that is killing its host. The host is Gaia. This is the central political fact of our times.

Two important political ramifications derive from the above fact. First, it is pointless to take the superficial struggles between Democrats and Republicans seriously. Both parties are dominated by the parasitic mentality. The capitalist dogma, and specifically the neoliberal consensus, which is not seriously questioned by either party, is parasitic to the core.

Trump, for all his many and very real faults, promised that he would seek a rapprochement with Russia, and a de-escalation of the cold war. His recent attack on Syria, which brings us much closer to nuclear war with Russia, proves that this was just idle talk. The shadow government owns him now, as it owned Hillary from the beginning. All the major players within the two major parties will be brought under the control of the shadow government, or be destroyed. It is imperative that a power base outside either party be established. More…