Swallowing the Jagged Red Pill: Transcending the Matrix Profile
by Gary Z McGee
Posted August 8, 2017

take the red pillImagine the Matrix combined with Plato’s Cave. We were all born into this cave. None of us had a choice. This cave is a prison for un-individuated egos and un-actualized souls who stick together out of blind faith based upon fear and paranoia.

Some prisoners hang around each other more than others and inadvertently form gangs (tribes, nations, religions), which they become devoted to, also out of fear and paranoia. This represents the majority of people.

Most people are prisoners to both the prison of the cave and to the peer pressure of their particular gang. And most people never escape this prison/matrix/cave. They remain in a state of paranoia and fear their entire lives. It’s an all too common tragedy. But escape is possible, albeit improbable. More…