We Have The Same Enemy Yet We Are Still Divided
By Tim Bryant
Posted November 11, 2017

divide and conquer is working against the peopleThe Hegelian Dialectic in action can understood by looking at the so-called “war on terrorism” going on today. To start, there is first an agenda, which no doubt comes in the form of more power and control through expanded profits and further centralization of power. The agenda is created and adopted by the mega-power elite of the establishment, which aim to create more profits for of the military industrial complex and banking, while also transferring more power up the pyramid through the loss of civil liberties and a fearful public. To achieve this, they cannot simply declare war on any country they want because most people on both sides of the aisle are honest and do not want war.

There has to be a reason. So to pull this off they create a thesis/problem in the form of a manufactured terrorist attack, also known as a false flag. They then manipulate and control the reaction/anti-thesis, which is done through the use of the media to promote fear, anger, and disinformation amongst the public. The combination of these two forces then come into conflict and result in the synthesis/solution, which is more imperialistic war, removal of personal freedoms, and transfer of power from the people into the hands of a few.

It’s nothing more than a magic trick, where as people are suckered into the perception of a conflict, which they then choose sides for, only for the two forces of the conflict to end up combining to form the desired synthesis/solution that was part of the agenda all along. More…