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Got Difficult People in Your Life? Think of Them as Teachers
by Traci Pedersen
Posted November 17, 2017

difficult people can be teachers for youJust as our earth is a mix of terrain—from grassy hills and rivers to volcanoes and deserts—so is it filled with many types of individuals. While some people are as serene as an ancient forest, others are about as comfortable as a bed of rocks. What happens when one of these people plays a major role in our lives? Perhaps it’s a boss, parent, friend or sibling. How does one stay kind and forgiving and yet keep personal boundaries and a sense of dignity?

It is in the hard times, not the easy times, that our level of growth thus far is revealed. And only then can we recognize and strive for higher ground. Difficult circumstances—and difficult people—tend to reveal our innermost feelings rather than create them. More…