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Net Neutrality Report
Posted December 20, 2017

money and net neutralityAs the net neutrality debate continues, Silicon Valley has increased its Washington presence, and heavy hitters like Comcast are making themselves heard on this issue. Below are some “fast facts” about the major money players seeking to influence lawmakers.

Comcast: Comcast, the cable, internet and content giant, is one of Washington’s most powerful influence-wielders.

For starters, at least 31 members of Congress owned shares in Comcast in 2015. In the 2016 cycle, 360 House members (out of 435) and 52 senators were recipients of campaign donations from either Comcast’s corporate PAC or employees of the company. Comcast donors gave a total of $3.9 million to congressional candidates. With Comcast’s sprawling empire of subsidiaries, including NBC and Universal Studios, not all of that money was necessarily directed by people with a direct interest in the net neutrality issue, but it’s hard to ignore the size of Comcast’s campaign cash largesse. More…