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Aligning with Our Soul Purpose
By Jessie Klassen
Posted December 25, 2017

aligning with your purposeDuring this exciting time upon our earth, we hear much about “living our purpose.” But, as I know from experience, this is much easier said than done. It’s not that any of us don’t want to be living our soul purpose, and we know when there is something not quite aligned or flowing within our lives — but so many of the ways to get there are either elusive or hard to grasp at best, because, quite frankly, in our society we are not taught to live our life purpose. We are taught not to value our passions but to find a career and earn a decent income, and many career paths don’t feel like they are part of our soul purpose at all. We also have this idea that to be successful, we should be working long hours and should feel stressed out…

But as I discovered (and I am still getting there, as I feel we are always “getting there”) I was making it much more complicated than it had to be. For a long time, I was under the illusion that perhaps I missed something, or I had taken a wrong turn, when in fact, I hadn’t. My experiences, my life, were actually all a culmination of my purpose, and before I knew it, I had “become my purpose” just by being me. Because we all have a gift. And we all have this gift to share with the world, otherwise, we wouldn’t be here. There are no extras here in this movie of life. More…