Sixteen Year Old Ahed Tamimi Offers Israelis a Lesson Worthy of Gandhi
By Jonathan Cook
Posted January 10, 2018

Sixteen-year-old why is Israel so afrid of this 16 year old?Ahed Tamimi may not be what Israelis had in mind when, over many years, they criticized Palestinians for not producing a Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela.

Eventually, colonised peoples bring to the fore a figure best suited to challenge the rotten values at the core of the society oppressing them. Ahed is well qualified for the task.

She was charged last week with assault and incitement after she slapped two heavily armed Israeli soldiers as they refused to leave the courtyard of her family home in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah. Her mother, Nariman, is in detention for filming the incident. The video quickly went viral.

Ahed lashed out shortly after soldiers nearby shot her 15-year-old cousin in the face, seriously injuring him. More…

The sad irony of Israel, a people who have suffered at the hands of tyrants so much over history, now become the tyrants.