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Transcending the Cave and the Matrix
by Gary ‘Z’ McGee
Posted January 25, 2018

transcending the cave and the moldThe mold which culture conforms to is the Cave that Plato elaborated on, and the Matrix that Neo had to overcome. As such, our Matrix/Cave is the cultural mold we tend to cling to. Therefore, in order to progressively evolve (as individuals and as a species), indeed, in order to transcend the Cave and overcome the Matrix, we must be willing to break the cultural mold. This is easier said than done, because fear of the unknown is ever-present.

Here’s the thing, down and dirty: Soul-Initiation requires ego-annihilation. This isn’t complete destruction, mind you. It’s creative destruction. Similar to the way a caterpillar gets annihilated in the cocoon and then put back together again in the form of a butterfly, an ego-centric perspective gets annihilated by overcoming an existential threshold and then comes back together again in the form of a soul-centric perspective. But unlike the caterpillar which acts on instinct to create its cocoon, the human animal must act on courage to create their cocoon phase. More…