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Facebook Acts as State Censor, Deleting Accounts at the Request of the US and Israel
by Claire S Bernish
Posted February 8, 2018

Facebook acts as censor for US and IsraelSocial media critics of Israel’s occupation of Palestine have intimate familiarity with the swift hand of Facebook censorship, facing temporary or permanent account bans, post deletions, and newsfeed suppression more consistently and thoroughly than those focusing on nearly any other issue.

Now, Facebook readily acknowledges not only do the United States and Israeli governments submit myriad such requests pertaining to the ostensive contentious accounts of Palestinian activists and advocates — on the nebulous and subjective grounds of “incitement” — but the leviathan company obediently and readily complies with those demands. And zealously so.

“Israeli security agencies monitor Facebook and send the company posts they consider incitement,” the New York Times reported in December 2016. “Facebook has responded by removing most of them.” More…