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How $10,000 of original student loan debt turned into a repayment scheme of 30 plus years
by Lynn Petrovich
Posted February 8, 2018

student debt slaveryBetween 1984 and 1987 Monica took out $10,000 in student loans. Over the next 30 years she made payments totaling over $24,000, yet she still owes more than $3,000 on her loans.

Monica, like most students entering college right after high school, was a teenager when she signed her student loan contracts. It is apparent she had no idea what kind of indenture she’d “agreed to.” This can be said for the majority of student loan borrowers.

Financial education at the high school level is seriously lacking, if existent at all. Student loans are originated between borrower (student) and lender without much scrutiny, oversight, awareness, or repayment considerations (seriously, what sane person could have thought up this repayment scheme?)

Over the past decade, through tax preparation work – both pro bono and paid – I’ve seen many student loan borrowers who, like Monica, have struggled not only to make ends meet, but also try to understand what’s happening with regard to their student loans. I’ve watched as refundable credits in the thousandsof dollars have been seized by federal and state agencies year after year to pay for student loan debt. More…