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The Answer Is Economic Secession
by Derrick Broze
Posted February 8, 2018

make the existing paradigm obsolete with your moneyIf we move beyond simply applying secession to nation-states ( i.e., how and by whom we are ruled) we can amplify the effectiveness of the strategy. Specifically, if we focus our energies on “Economic Secession” we can begin to remove support for the systems which do not represent the values and principles we hold dear. What does it mean to economically secede? Quite simply, it’s the old adage of “voting with your dollar” (or euro, pesos, bitcoin, etc). You consciously choose not to do business with the individuals and corporations which you do not believe live up to your standards.

To truly understand this it’s important to understand that money (in whatever form it comes) is a form of currency. Currency is a medium of exchange, something people can trade as a representation of past time and energy. This means the currency, whether pieces of paper or digital bits on a screen, is a representation of your time and energy. Since your time on this planet is finite it is itself an incredibly valuable and irreplaceable currency. When understood in this manner one could say that giving your dollars to corporations which you do not support (and which often actually work against your goals) is akin to throwing away your limited and valuable time on this planet. More…