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Why The Little Things Matter
by Hey Cristina
Posted February 9, 2018

small things do matterSome people think that the small everyday actions of the normal person don’t mean anything and they don’t add to the overall growth of the world, but actually they mean everything.

I think peace is the overall goal and ideal for most people. Even that guy that is trolling you on facebook. I truly believe that the majority of people really want to just mind their own business and not hurt others. Obviously there are a few exceptions to that, but they are a small minority and in an ideal world they would receive the help they need.

So, for this essay I am just going to assume that the majority of people would like to live peacefully at home and do their own thing. So most of us share a common ideal, a really beautiful one, but most of us do not take actions in everyday movements to achieve that. In fact, some of us work against our ideal because we either 1. Don’t see it, 2. Don’t think what we can do is enough so give up, or 3. Ignore it. More…