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Snowden Files Provide New Insight On The NSA And The Power It Wields
by Elizabeth Vos
Posted February 11, 2018

Another document revealed that the US does indeed intervene militarily in order to secure the flow of oil to the US and its allies. The admission was made in a file relating to a seminar on “African Petro-Politics.” The document reads in part: “By 2015, the United States will depend on West African oil for 25% of its oil imports… Oil production in Sudan has been a factor in the Sudanese civil war, with oil wealth sharing being a primary negotiating issue in the peace process.

Oil has played a role in the extent of corruption and in sustaining military might in several African countries… Finally, threats to – and security of – the oil producing areas in West Africa will be discussed (including U.S. engagement to improve security).”

This afterthought in the description of a Petro-Politics seminar is particularly relevant in light of the recent deaths of US Service members in African countries. More…