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It’s Now or Never – The Fight for Freedom
By Tim Bryant
Posted May 16, 2018

fight for freedomThere is a massive global awakening happening before our very eyes. This isn’t a centralized movement or centralized event, but instead is a global consciousness shift of individuals in all parts of the world. Thanks in large part to the creation of the Internet, the lid has popped off and previously unknown information is flooding out everywhere. A whole new alternative network of information and news has emerged to facilitate its growth. The age of information is real.

People are beginning to put the pieces together and realize that most of the education taught in schools, most of the media consumed on the television, and most of the food consumed into our bodies, is one big distortion of reality. History is far from what we have been lead to believe. The powers that be are preventing the flow of information somewhat, but at this point the cat may be out of the bag. More…