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These 25+ Cynical Illustrations Will Make You See the World Differently
by Amanda Froelich
Posted June 8, 2018

confessionFrom a young age, each and every one of us was taught how the world works — or, more accurately, how it should run, according to a handful of powerful individuals who control the majority of the world’s wealth. Not until we matured and were able to perceive the world as it is, did some of us realize that it is, in fact, incredibly flawed. The “system” we are a part of, regardless of geographical location, is as jumbled and imperfect as those who attempt to influence it.

political corruptionUnfortunately, the majority of the populace is blind to this reality. They live their lives baking on false security which has been sold to them in the form of college debt, a mortgage, and a 9-5 job they hate.

zooLife on this planet does not have to be so dismal. But, until the mass populace “wakes up,”  overcomes prejudice, and demands change, nothing will. This truth can be hard to stomach which is why sometimes, it is helpful to reflect on bitter truths that afford some humor. Artwork by Italian illustrator Marco Melgrati allows us to do just that. Melgrati’s illustrations are both layered with meaning and straightforward.. More…