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This is Why You Can’t Trust “Experts” and Lab Results at Trial
By The Daily Bell Staff
Posted June 9, 2018

lab results not necessarily reliableLast year, a Massachusetts court had to vacate 21,000 drug convictions due to one state lab employee.

First, Annie Dookhan lied about her qualifications in order to advance her carer as an expert witness. She was testifying at trials, getting people thrown in jail, without any actual expertise on topics on which she testified. Then, Dookhan committed fraud by falsely certifying that inert substances were illegal drugs. Then Dookhan was convicted in 2013, but the cases she worked on were not vacated until 2017.

She was paroled after three years and released from prison before the sentences of those she helped convict were vacated. That’s because, despite the clear wrongdoing, the state still fought against dismissing the cases tainted by Dookhan’s lies.

Carl Williams, staff attorney for the ACLU of Massachusetts, said his organization faced resistance and had to sue the district attorney’s office to bring about the thousands of dismissals. He stated in a phone interview that this, “the largest dismissal of criminal cases based on a single court filing in history,” is part of a systemic problem involving prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and jailers. More…