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America’s One-sided Domestic Financial War
By Raymond Matison
Posted September 1, 2018

all wars are banker warsDomestically, there are two institutions which are capable of starting, executing, and managing a domestic or a global financial war. The first is the Federal Reserve System, which with its banks has the unfettered power to print money, create credit, and set interest rates. The second is our own government which through its elected officials sets foreign policy that includes its demonstrated power to influence foreign elections, covertly remove uncooperative foreign leaders from office, and to wage war both physical and financial without any formal declarations.

America’s participation in the Korean War over seventy years ago was defined as a police action rather than a war which would have required Congressional approval, and conflicts since then have mostly eluded the requirement for congressional approval. However, no financial war has required a formal declaration nor Congressional approval, as they are initiated against any targeted country without visible bloodshed, frequently on a clandestine basis. More…