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The Karma of ‘Blowback’
by Philip Farruggio
Posted September 9, 2018

karma of blowbackThe late Chalmers Johnson wrote a great and timely as hell book entitled Blowback (2000). In it, he discussed how our American Empire (I call it the Military industrial Empire) has seen its sins come back to repeatedly haunt us all. Interesting how one year after his book was published 9/11 occurred. This was a ‘dual blowback’ to our empire because

A) we supported the Mujahedeen fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan who then created the repressive Taliban while simultaneously spreading a fanatical Islamic mindset throughout East Asia and the Middle East; and

B) By propping up a myriad of dictatorships in those regions for generations our country has had the blood of innocents on our hands. The Shah of Iran and his secret police (Savak), Saddam Hussein who our CIA nurtured into power, the House of Saud and their repressive non-democratic Saudi Arabia… need I go on? And then our ‘idiot emperor’ Bush Jr. had the nerve to ask why they hate us! More…