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Monetary Reform Manual
by American Monetary Institute
Posted October 7, 2018

time to end banker speculationMonetary reform is the critical missing element needed to move humanity back from the brink of economic destruction and nuclear disaster, away from a future dominated by fraud, ugliness and warfare, toward a world of justice and beauty.The power to create money is an awesome power – at times stronger than the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers combined. It’s like having a “magic checkbook,” where checks can’t bounce. When controlled by banks it can be used to gain riches, but much more importantly it determines the direction of our society by deciding where the money goes – what gets funded and what does not.

Will it be used to build and repair vital infrastructure such as the New Orleans levees and Minneapolis bridges to protect major cities? Or will it go into warfare and real estate bubbles and Wall Street Gambling – leading to crashes and depressions, as banking has usually done. More…

Our monetary system is at the root of most of the problems we face today. If we do not reform the monetary system, any changes we make are only nibbling at the edges and will ultimately fail. This manual lays out a blueprint for meaningful real change.