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Assange Prosecution Will Focus On Chelsea Manning Era Releases, Not DNC Emails
by Elizabeth Vos
Posted December 19, 2018

As noted by numerous press outlets and press freedom advocates, the prosecution – the end point of the longstanding persecution of Julian Assange – represents, as James Goodale, New York Times’ counsel for the Pentagon Papers, eloquently points out, a grave threat to the freedom of the press, in the United States and all over the world. That US espionage laws would be used against an Australian citizen who has never lived or published in the US, should send a shockwave to every international journalist who comments on US affairs and foreign policy decisions.

In the first live-streamed event following the gagging of Julian Assange in March, John Kiriakou relayed that the Eastern District of Virginia is known as “the Espionage court,” as no national security defendant had ever won a case there, and it is the home of the Central Intelligence Agency. He said: “Assange couldn’t possibly get a fair trial in the Eastern District of Virginia.” More…