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8 Signs You are Leaving the System
by Lauren Simpson-Green
Posted December 27, 2018

are you leaving the system?These are wonderful times we are living in. Apparently, high levels of Gamma rays are washing over the planet, and we’re being lifted, dangerously, forcefully, but inextricably towards the light. Apparently our bodies are going from carbon to crystalline, and our DNA is being upgraded. I don’t know what is happening, but there certainly is something in the air.

You are becoming aware that the films you used to so love and enjoy leave you on a lower frequency than where you’d like to be. And that’s the Art House ones. You now avoid blockbusters that glorify violence and war as well as unhealthy sexual relationships like the plague.

Your life goals are shifting in that they’re simplifying. You’re also being less hard on yourself. Most of your karma you sense has been repaid, and now you are left with a wonderful opportunity to create whatever you want. The world is your oyster, and although there are scars, you’re excited. You now sense that you don’t have to formulate goals as such, but more of a clear intention. More…