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Open Source Legal Systems
by Regan Keely
Posted December 29, 2018

better than government legal systemsAs it turns out, the government is not good at creating effective or peaceful codes of law. While people tire of being trampled under foot by these outdated government legal systems, visionaries begin to explore completely new and voluntary models of law that are more pragmatic for the modern world. Forms of private arbitration have been theoretically discussed since the beginning of Voluntaryist philosophy. However, technology is in the works to put these theories into practice.

The inefficiency, incompetence, and negligence of government legal systems often leave people in a bitter state of inaction. After all, how can individuals begin to resolve such a fundamental and complicated problem such as law? Even then, how can individuals with different needs and perspectives find harmony in multiple systems of law? Fortunately, ingenious ideas concerning this matter are on the horizon. More…