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Neofeudalism Isn’t a Flaw of the System–It’s the System Working Perfectly
by Charles Hugh Smith
Posted January 10, 2018

our neo feudalism is by designThe basic idea here is the socio-economic-political system is structured such that the only possible output is neofeudalism. In other words, neofeudalism isn’t a flaw in the system that can be changed with policy tweaks or electing a new president or PM– it’s the result of the system working as designed.

Neofeudalism is a peculiarly invisible hierarchical structure of power: The New Nobility (or aristocracy if you prefer) wields vast concentrations of political, social and financial power, and does so without the formalized aristocrat-serf relationships and obligations of classic neofeudalism.

We appear to be free but we’re powerless to change the power asymmetry between the New Nobility and the commoners. More…