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Is Big Tech Merging With Big Brother? Kinda Looks Like It
by David Samuels
Posted February 14, 2019

surveillance is increasingThe machines and systems that the techno-monopolists have built are changing us faster than they or we understand. The scale of this change is so vast and systemic that we simple humans can’t do the math—perhaps in part because of the way that incessant smartphone use has affected our ability to pay attention to anything longer than 140 or 280 characters.

As the idea of a “right to privacy,” for example, starts to seem hopelessly old-fashioned and impractical in the face of ever-more-invasive data systems—whose eyes and ears, i.e., our smartphones, follow us everywhere—so has our belief that other individual rights, like freedom of speech, are somehow sacred.

Being wired together with billions of other humans in vast networks mediated by thinking machines is not an experience that humans have enjoyed before. The best guides we have to this emerging reality may be failed 20th-century totalitarian experiments and science fiction. More…

The Facts:
A “social credit system” is already being implemented in China, and US big tech forms are vacuuming up vast amounts of personal data.
Reflect On:
What will be the consequences not controlling our corporations (and governments) in their increasingly intrusive surveilance of our activities and relationships? Are we are willingly helping this surveillance? Is that phone app really necessary?