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Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons
by Whitney Webb
Posted March 2, 2019

IMF & World Bank used as weapons This “U.S. coup manual,” recently highlighted by WikiLeaks, serves as a reminder that the so-called “independence” of such financial institutions as The World Bank and IMF is an illusion and that they are among the many “financial weapons” regularly used by the U.S. government to bend countries to its will.

In a leaked military manual on “unconventional warfare” recently highlighted by WikiLeaks, the U.S. Army states that major global financial institutions — such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) — are used as unconventional, financial “weapons in times of conflict up to and including large-scale general war,” as well as in leveraging “the policies and cooperation of state governments.” More…

The Facts:
The United States uses economic institutions as weapons against nations that do not serve globalist interests.

Reflect On:
Think about this as you hear news from the corporate owned main stream media of the “economic” problems in Venezuela, realize that these problems are staged to prepare the country for a coup.