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Ecuador inks $4.2 billion financing deal with IMF: Moreno
by Alexandra Valencia
Posted April 13, 2019

blood moneyEcuador has reached a $4.2 billion staff-level financing deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), President Lenin Moreno said on Wednesday, as the Andean country grapples with a large fiscal deficit and heavy external debt.

The country will also receive $6 billion in loans from multilateral institutions including the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the CAF Andean development bank, Moreno said in a message broadcast on national television and radio.

Ecuador’s sovereign bonds surged last week after the IMF confirmed it was engaged in formal talks with Moreno over a possible financial arrangement. Staff-level agreements between the IMF and member countries are subject to approval by the Washington-based lender’s executive board. More…

The Facts:
Ecuador inks a huge load from the Washington based IMF and President Moreno allows British police to enter his embassy to arrest Assange.

Reflect On:
Just trying to connect the dots, could there be any possibility that these two events are related?