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Manning and the New Inquisition
by Chris Hedges
Posted April 17, 2019

the truth is exposedThe campaign to criminalize whistleblowing has, by default, left the exposure of government lies, fraud and crimes to those who have the skills or access, as Manning and Edward Snowden did, needed to hack into or otherwise obtain government electronic documents. This is why hackers, and those who publish their material such as Assange and WikiLeaks, are being relentlessly persecuted.

The goal of the corporate state is to shroud in total secrecy the inner workings of power, especially those activities that violate the law. Movement toward this goal is very far advanced. The failure of news organizations such as The New York Times and The Washington Post to vigorously defend Manning and Assange will soon come back to haunt them. The corporate state hardly intends to stop with Manning and Assange. The target is the press itself. More…

The Facts:
The government prosecutions of whistle-blowers has accelerated in an attempt to curtail the public’s knowledge of its criminal activities.

Reflect On:
Consider the effect on our freedoms if this trend of secrecy and opaqueness continues and the public knows even less about government crimes than it does at present.