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The Media, Mueller, the Big Con and the Democratization of Narrative
by Charles Hugh Smith
Posted April 29, 2019

media manipulationFalling for a con is painful. The first reaction is to deny being conned, of course. The second is to blame skeptics for being correct in their skepticism.

Here’s the fundamental “story” of the Mueller Investigation: elites don’t like “the little people” democratizing public narratives. The elites–who reckon their right to rule is self-evident–want to set the narrative and the context, because that’s the foundation of power: once you get the citizenry to agree on your narrative and context, you secure two valuable things: 1) political legitimacy and 2) their obedience.

Elite anxiety over the “the little people” democratizing narratives is not a new phenomenon. Elites have demanded control of any media outlet that doesn’t parrot their line and have tried to declare skeptical inquiry sedition for generations, stretching back to the founding of the Republic. More…

The Facts:
The lack of any indictments as a result of the Mueller investigation, lays bare the the main stream media attempts of trying to manipulate the people, and their lack of any independent investigation to vet the accuracy of their reporting. This manipulation is similar to the weapons of mass destruction manipulation that was used to justify the Iraq war.

Reflect On:
How were you and the nation affected by this manipulation? Consider how many alternative media outlets have been de-platformed recently. What can you do to discern fact from manipulation in the future?