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Disinfo Maginot Line: Protecting EU from ‘Russian Influence’ – by Manufacturing History
By Nina Cross
Posted May 3, 2019

media disinformation manipulating publicIt is now apparent with the release of the Mueller investigation findings, that the great storm that has embattled the US government and establishment since 2016 over supposed Russia-Trump collusion during the US elections, originates not from a genuine tangible source, but a constant stream of rhetoric driven by partisan corporate media. One certainty though is the Western narrative of Russia as a ‘malign influence’ will not go away.

While America’s liberal establishment continues to rage at Trump, Europe allies, under the influence of Washington, maintain their aggressive stance towards Russia following the catastrophic US meddling in Ukraine in 2014 and the subsequent reunification of Crimea with Russia. The question is how can the narrative of ‘malign Russian influence’ be kept going? Mainstream media will continue its role in this, but Western governments are also pouring resources into promulgating certain narratives while containing others.

This week, hackers released more documents from the UK government-funded project known as the Integrity Initiative, revealing British government plans to build an umbrella network of organisations across Europe to counter ‘Russian disinformation’. The following is a look at one of the EU projects already operating to ensure European populations do not stray from this constructed narrative that at times crosses over into real xenophobic racism, or Russophobia. While researching this phenomenon, it was impossible not to find some of the EU’s counter-propaganda material quite funny. More…

The Facts:
Governments use the main stream media to disseminate disinformation in order to control narratives that fit their agendas.

Reflect On:
The next time you hear something on the news that suddenly dominates the narrative, consider why this was being done at that particular time and who benefits.