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Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA and the Mafia
by Antony C. Black
Posted May 5, 2019

Operation Gladio false flagsBefore embarking on our grim, if yet fascinating, journey it is worth first noting that whilst ‘Gladio’ was officially acknowledged and condemned by the European Parliament (in Nov., 1990; Washington and NATO having ever after refused ‘comment’ on the matter), and its multifarious organs and factions ordered dismantled, it is hardly likely that the latter was ever fully enacted. The historical context of ‘Gladio’, then, is really the quintessential backdrop to understanding the trademark false flag events of the modern era.

On the hot summer morning of Aug. 2, 1980 a massive explosion ripped apart the main waiting room of the Bologna railway station. Eighty-five people were killed and hundreds more injured. Though at first blamed on Italy’s legendary urban guerrillas, The Red Brigades, it soon emerged that the attack had, in fact, originated from within the ‘deep state’ of the Italian government itself. More…

The Facts:
Things just are not quite, as they appear to be. False flag attacks perpetrated by corrupt governments have been documented many times.

Reflect On:
The next time you hear a news flash on the main stream media designed to instill fear and anger, consider who would benefit from this. Remember the lies perpetrated by the deep state against people like Martin Luther King. Read between the lines and make your own decisions where the truth lies.