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America Will Lose The Trade War Because That Is What Globalists Want To Happen
by Brandon Smith
Posted June 7, 2019

the globalists are manipulating the US population into divisionAs far as 4th Gen warfare is concerned, Mindwar describes a method of psychological manipulation and propaganda used by governments and militaries as a means to turn a target population against itself. The goal is to win a war against a group of people by causing them to destroy each other so that the government does not have to combat them directly.

False paradigms are a premier tool for pursuing this outcome. They are achieved by dividing a population through false leadership, fake and sometimes real outside threats, as well as manufactured crisis events. Globalist institutions and the political puppets they control use false paradigms as a means to distract the public away from their criminal endeavors. While we are focused on the political Left, or the political Right, or the Russians, or the Iranians, or the Chinese, they are exploiting our fear and doubt to gain more centralization and more power. More…

The Facts:
The Powers That Be (TPTB) want to create divisions among people so that their attention is focused on each other, rather than on TPTB and their activities.

Reflect On:
Remember this the next time you feel the need to resort to name calling like libtard, trumptard, etc. When you do that, you are playing the game the elites want you play.