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U.S. elections rank last among all Western democracies
by Pippa Norris
Posted June 16, 2019

electronic voting machines are notoriously insecureSocial media commentary about problems in elections has too commonly distracted us with shiny baubles, reflecting partisan click-bait, fake news, and simplistic attacks on red herrings, mixing up all these complex issues. Instead of falling for these sorts of distraction, anyone concerned about democracy should engage seriously in a dialogue about the problems which need to be addressed to strengthen elections at home and abroad, an issue at the heart of American values.

In particular, there has been no serious rebuttal to the evidence that US elections are seriously flawed in certain respects. But when there are disputes about the validity of any evidence, rather than employing dubious ‘sniff tests’, social scientists usually seek to compare the results using two or more independent sources of data which measure identical or equivalent concepts. The more the agreement among independent studies, all other things being equal, the more confidence we should have in the evidence. Like pieces of a jig-saw, triangulation is the name of the game. More…

The Facts:
The US U.S. elections rank dead last among all Western democracies.  Ineffective electronic voting machine security have been easily defeated  by Defcon hackers.

Reflect On:
If our voting machines are not secure, how can we be sure that the results presented to the people are the true ones? Imagine the turmoil that will result if an election is won and later evidence of tampering is uncovered.