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Decatur I-Net Plans Draw Comcast Acrimony in Georgia
by Katie Kienbaum
Posted June 23, 2019

municipal networks save moneyAt a May 6 City Commission meeting in Decatur, Georgia, city leaders approved a project budget of $2.35 million to build a municipal I-Net and award the construction contract to Georgia-based Network Cabling Infrastructures, Inc. The decision came amid demands from cable giant Comcast that the community of about 24,000 immediately begin paying exorbitant fees for infrastructure the city has used under a past local franchise agreement. The case of sour grapes was resolved, but it once again reveals how the large corporate monopolies don’t hesitate to flex their muscles when things don’t go their way.

At the Decatur City Commission meeting on April 15, City Manager Andrea Arnold explained to city leaders and attendees that Comcast was seeking payment from the city for use of the Institutional Network (I-Net) that connects public buildings, reported local news site Decaturish. At the April 15 meeting, Arnold stated:

“The heavy handed approach taken by Comcast grossly violates the way the city operates. Instead of working towards a creative solution to satisfy both parties, Comcast is bullying the city into making a hasty, uninformed decision.” More…

The Facts:
Most rural areas have no choice when it comes to Internet Service Providers.

Reflect On:
Consider the benefits of a community having its own network where it can provide service at significantly reduced rates and cut out the big carriers and their monopolies.