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More Police Raids as War On Journalism Escalates Worldwide
by Caitlin Johnstone
Posted June 27, 2019

other journalists now being targetedSo we’re seeing a pattern already. You can choose to ignore it or dismiss it with a pleasant story, or you can acknowledge that we appear to be in the midst of a rapidly escalating shutdown of the free press in the western world.

There does not necessarily have to be any centrally-planned conspiracy behind this trend; it can simply be the natural result of an ailing empire seeing that it’s going to need a lot more war, lies and deception in order to keep from collapsing, and responding accordingly. Once the Assange line was crossed, it could simply have served as a precedent for the other governments within the empire to begin doing things they’d already wanted to do anyway.

Julian Assange is the dot of a question mark at the end of a historically important question which we are all being asked right now. That question reads as follows: Does humanity wish to create a society that is based on truth and holds power to account, or does it want the exact opposite? More…

The Facts:
Government raids against journalists have risen sharply since the US charges of espionage against Julian Assange.

Reflect On:
What can and should we be doing to prevent the drift towards an Orwellian society?