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Improving The Debates
by Rudy Avizius
Posted June 30, 2019

2019 Democratic Presidential debatesI decided to watch the 2 Democratic Party debates, and came away feeling rather depressed. These “debates” clearly illustrate the problem with the media when it comes to informing people.

While I recognize that it was the DNC that decided that rather than have more debates with fewer candidates participating in each, the manner in which the corporate media handled and moderated these “debates” left their audiences with little new understanding of the candidates or the issues.

Having 10 people on stage, with 60 seconds to talk about multiple complex issues and 15 seconds to rebut something is no way to obtain any substance or details. Unfortunately, this format actually fits very nicely into the 140 character limit of many peoples’ attention span. This debate format was basically just a forum for sound bites and “got ya’s”, not for any form of meaningful discussion. More…