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What Does July 4th Really Mean?
by Marianne Williamson
Posted July 8, 2019

Marriane talking about meaning of July 4thWhat a delight to hear a candidate talk candidly and honestly about what needs to happen to heal the country and move it forward into the future. She chose to give this on July 4th, because as a nation we have lost the true meaning of that day and what it really meant at that time and what it means today.

Marianne talks about the history of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and what those documents and the movements that made them possible meant to that generation and what it means to this generation. She considers the major transformational movements that have taken place in this nation when there were serious issues that needed to be dealt with: the Revolutionary Movement, Abolition, Women’s Suffrage, and the Civil Rights Movement, and how each affected the generations that launched and participated in those movements. Then she describes how now it is this generation’s turn and duty to launch its own movement. Her message is one of hope and a call to action.

She warns us about focusing on the symptoms of problems rather than the root causes. She outlines how money has totally corrupted the system and how this is a key root cause of many of our problems. Both political parties have to share the responsibility for this happening and for not moving decisively to eliminate this growing cancer on our system. For a political candidate, there was very little political content with the focus on social and economic problems and solutions on how to deal with them.

I found it amazing that Marianne could speak all this time, never missing a beat and yet using no notes, no teleprompters, no presentations, no reminders, and no scripts. This is someone who truly believes what she says and speaks from the heart.

You owe it to yourself just to listen and make up your own mind on your thoughts about her message. Watch here…