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Want to Be a Principled Billionaire? Stop Being a Billionaire.
By Daniel Uncapher
Posted July 11, 2019

extreme wealthWe’re not even talking about the comparatively “impoverished” 1 percent, the millionaires. A billionaire like Jeff Bezos — who hasn’t signed the “Giving Pledge” himself — could lose over 99 percent of their wealth and still have over a billion dollars. Try to imagine how much of a difference an extra $1,000 a week would make for you — either to receive or to lose — and then realize that even with only $1 billion, Bezos could spend $1 million a week for 20 years before going broke. And that’s without taking into consideration interest.

Which is assuming that spending that kind of money is humanly possible. Even the wildest luxury goods imaginable — diamond-encrusted sports cars, ultra-luxury yachts, private islands — won’t get you to a billion. More…