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Is the CDC Foundation Directing MailChimp’s Vaccine Censorship?
By Jefferey Jaxen
Posted July 18, 2019

big pharma profitsOn June 7 MailChimp announced it had already shut down a number of accounts for “anti-vaccination content.” MailChimp also announced it was adding the ‘anti-vaccination’ category to its routine searches for prohibited content. Nowhere on Mailchimp’s website did it elaborate on what constituted ‘anti-vaccination’ content.

If there was no evidence to suggest vaccines cause harm, why is there a backlog of claims within the very court set up to deal with life-threatening or disabling diseases caused by vaccines? Why is another $2M needed to hire medical reviewers to process additional claims and reduce backlogs? Asking questions like these are now considered ‘anti-vaccine misinformation’ and would be enough for MailChimp to shut down the account of anyone inquiring. More…

The Facts:
MailChimp has begun removing customers who share information questioning vaccines to their email lists. An investigation revealed the CDC Foundation appears to be directing the move.

Reflect On:
A campaign to stop vaccine misinformation? Who is deciding what is misinformation and truth? Why are big companies trying to silence people without answering their questions?