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CNN’s Amazing Dishonesty in Smearing Assange
by Caitlin Johnstone
Posted July 18, 2019

CNN smears Assange CNN has published an unbelievably brazen and dishonest smear piece on Julian Assange, easily the most egregious article of its kind since the notoriously bogus Assange-Manafort report by The Guardian last year.

It contains none of the “exclusive” documents that it claims substantiate its smears, relying solely on vague, unsubstantiated assertions and easily debunked lies to paint the WikiLeaks founder in a negative light. The sheer volume of disinformation packed into this one article is jaw-dropping.

Whenever you see any “news” report citing this claim, you are witnessing a standard smear tactic of the plutocratic media. Whenever you see them citing this claim as a concrete, verified fact, you are witnessing an especially aggressive and deliberate psyop. More…